About us

Hello Pickle! was established in 2010 by mother to three girls, Gemma Brown.  The business is based at the family home in West Sussex where Gemma's husband often gets roped in to help.

Born through a mother’s frustration at the lack of ‘different’ clothing available Hello Pickle's aim is to avoid gender stereotypes and offer monochrome clothing with a splash of rainbow.
Striving to evolve with time and create on trend alternative clothing for both parents and children.

Whilst fashion plays an important role, at Hello Pickle! empowerment is at the heart of design. We use high quality clothing & accessories as a base to print our designs in a wide variety of colours. Our Hello Pickle! design is a popular choice especially as a a new baby gift, however our piece de resistance are our designs in our kindness range. 

We hope you like the items in our store, where you’ll find comfort is key, twinning is winning and black-white-and-beautifully-bright all in one place.

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